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Author: Monique Duncan

Paperback: 202 pages

Publisher: Sweet Pea Books, Inc

Copyright: 2018

Language: English

When Mama Braids My Hair

When Mama Braids My Hair captures a young girl’s experience of having her hair braided and the bond it creates with her mother. The tradition of African hair braiding is more than just a Sunday routine. Come join Nikki on an adventure as she is transformed into an Egyptian queen, a Nigerian goddess, a Zulu warrior, and a Maasai girl.

While young girls throughout the African Diaspora can relate to getting their hair braided in intricate styles, it is also an ancient ritual that is a large part of their history. Readers will enjoy going on an adventure with the main character and learning about the origins of popular braided hairstyles worn today.


Monique Duncan is dedicated to influencing our youth positively through education and advocacy. She writes multicultural children’s stories that inspire, amuse, and foster a love of reading, while reflecting images and experiences with which children of diverse backgrounds can identify. She aims to help cultivate their understanding of themselves, their communities, and the world around them. Duncan lives in New York City and teaches children as she works on future book projects.

Visit the Author’s Website:www.sweetpeachildrensbooks.com


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