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Author: D.L. Augustine

Paperback: 286 pages

Publisher: Createspace

Copyright: 2014

Language: English

The Josiah Effect: The Power of One (Volume 1)

Masterfully crafted by D.L. Augustine, ‘The Josiah Effect’ follows the story of a successful Child Psychiatrist and a ten-year-old boy. After their lives cross paths, one letter serves as the catalyst for a chain of events that will positively impact the lives of many. While primarily fiction, Augustine’s narrative is also being used to help readers realize the importance of allowing God to heal them.

Josiah Meaning ‘God heals’ in Hebrew World renowned child psychiatrist Robin Giselle Walters has everything going for her. She has a great life, a career she loves, financial security and a place in the community. She thinks her life is perfect until she meets 10-year-old Josiah Martin, a child who is on an emotional precipice. Josiah is a beautiful, precocious 10-year-old who has a dysfunctional, self-absorbed mother whom he loves with all his heart. In her own way, she loves him, too, but the pursuit of her own selfish desires keep her distracted and unplugged from her only child; that is, until he writes a letter to God asking how he can get his mother to love him more.

Robin and Josiah’s paths intersect after the letter comes to the attention of her best friend Tiffany Drayton, who also happens to be Josiah’s teacher. After meeting Josiah, Robin feels a connection to the child unlike anything she has ever experienced. The connection is deep and very personal. She is determined to save Josiah at all cost, but as events are set into motion and situations unfold, it becomes unclear who exactly is saving whom. The letter sets off a chain of events of cataclysmic proportions. Before it’s over with, many people will be changed, renewed and enlightened as a result of being caught up in the whirlwind that is the Josiah Effect, while others, including Josiah, Robin and Josiah’s mother, will travel to hell and back before they come to the realization of what it means to truly love and to forgive, and how God always answers prayers in his own time and in his own way.

Author Bio:

D. L. Augustine, playwright, author, and motivational speaker lives in Etna Ohio and is also a wife, mother, and minister. As a child, she learned through books, you could travel the world and create your own reality by escaping into the wonderful world of fiction where you could be what and who you wanted to be. Out of this love for the written word, a writer was born. Her first play, “Turning Point” debuted in 1996 to great critical acclaim. Her body of work includes but is not limited to the following:

• Dry Bones

• Soul on the Auction Block

• The Devil is a Lie

• The Message 

The Josiah Effect is the first novel in a three part series. It is a journey of love and forgiveness. As you accompany the characters on their individual journeys, you will both laugh and cry, but it is the author’s earnest desire that the story compel you to reflect and to ask yourself a question, “Am I really who I think I am?”

Always remember, to err is human to forgive is divine.

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