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Author: Allyson Horton

Paperback: 100 pages

Publisher: Third World Press

Copyright: 2018

Language: English

Quick Fire: Poems

These Poems By Allyson Horton are proof  that in the age of Google and social media, the steadfastness of intricate storytelling and lyrical balance will never be lost. As Horton writes, “Truth is stranger than fruit/blacker the berry/sweeter the pluck.” Horton’s tongue is the rich, complicated pluck. Rapid Tongue.

Author Bio:

Allyson Horton is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University and received her MFA in creative writing from Butler University. Her poetry has been published in the anthology Turn the Page and You Don’t Stop! Sharing Successful Chapters In Our Lives With Youth and also featured in The Wabash Watershed a journal featuring six Indiana women poets.

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