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Author: Morenike

Paperback: 335 pages

Publisher: Createspace

Copyright: 2018

Language: English

Running from Color

Beginning in the 1920s in the community of Sugarlock, Tennessee, the scandal surrounding the birth of Wheat Grass destroys the marriage and family unit built by Paul and Mildred Grass. Wheat's fair skin and green eyes cause a rift that leads to the death of her mother. Paul steps up and takes in his wife's illegitimate child to raise with his daughter, Olive, in his hometown. But Wheat's exotic look draws unnecessary attention that Paul cannot single handily fight off in the racist South which eventually leads to his demise.

After the death of both of her parents, Olive blames her baby sister for ruining her life and she eventually finds herself running from color and settling in Chicago; leaving their grandmother, Deary, to raise Wheat alone. But when Wheat's existence once more causes tension in the small community of Sugarlock, Wheat must run from color herself and the only place of safety she can find is in Chicago with her estranged sister. Once there, Wheat faces much opposition from her sister but Olive begrudgingly takes her in.

In Chicago, Wheat learns that Olive hates her for circumstances she could never control and that Olive herself has succumbed to society's color line while living in Chicago. Will these sisters put aside their physical differences to tackle the hurt caused by their past and the danger that lies ahead? Or will they run from color once more?

Running from Color tells an unapologetic story about what it means to be on opposing shades of the chocolate rainbow;a familiar story that has remained largely silentin the African American community for years.

Author Bio:

Nija Morenike' Matory is a native of Jackson, MS. She graduated from Jackson State University with a Bachelor's in English. A graduate school dropout, Nija decided to focus on her writing and released her debut and sophomore novels, "Taste of Insanity" and "SHHH," respectively, in 2013 under her middle name, Morenike'. She currently resides in Dallas, TX and is working on a fourth novel and screenplay.

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