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Author: Devin T. Robinson X “Egypt”

Paperback: 202

Publisher: CreateSpace

Copyright: 2015

Language: English

10 Steps To Get Over An Ex

Breakups are the universal nightmares most people experience. No matter your religion, age or level of education, this pain is an equal distributor. Many attempt to escape the agony by leaping into another relationship. Sadly, this only passes "baggage" from one relationship to the next. Indirectly tasking a new mate with loving you out of your hurt…while hurting them. What are we missing?

One thing we are missing is truly respecting breakups. Unconsciously and purposefully, we plan to say, “I love you” to our partners forever. We create a place in our hearts for them because they’ve found a way past the walls we’ve constructed. Once in, we plan for them to live there…happily ever after. Some do live this tale, some don’t. For those who, like me, have endured this journey, I offer you an answer.

10 Steps To Get Over An Ex…For GOOD is only for those who truly are ready to get over the consistent wanting of an ex…For GOOD. From first loves to the “long-term intimate partner”, these tools work for all forms of ex’s. The only requirement is… you just have to be ready to get over your ex…For GOOD.

Author Bio:

Despite losing his mother at 12, having his father abandon him the same day and being classified as an orphan, Egypt may have been knocked down…but wasn’t knocked out.

Over a span of 10 years, Egypt has led a life many consider a fairytale. His work in Black history storytelling, relationship counseling and HIV education through performing opened doors many seldom see. He's appeared on MTV, BET, Apollo theater twice, FOX with Lee Pitts in addition to countless radio shows, magazine and performance appearances.

Egypt has shared stages with A-list celebrities such as John Legend, Alicia Keys and Magic Johnson. He adopted the name "Egypt" because he plans to influence the world just as the great African empire has influenced the earth.

He's touched stages in Johannesburg South Africa, Doha Qatar, Barbados, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago and a TEDx Talk in Amman, Jordan. Not to neglect he's gained two degrees while being on the Dean's list, graduated Phi Theta Kappa Honors, won the Florida State PAL Boxing Championship, is a devout Christian, created the AIDS Awareness Poets Inc and the AIDS Games.

He wrote three top selling relationship books, "How Good Is Sex?", “Change Him… In 100 pages,” and "Love Is Not An STD". He is also the youngest (27) Alumni of the year award recipient at Palm Beach State College for his work in HIV/AIDS. Yet, his highest achievement occurred April 6th, 2014 by marrying his dream woman.

Visit the Author’s Website:www.WebsiteOfEgypt.com


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