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Author: K.M. Harrell

Paperback: 360 pages

Publisher: Kenneth Harrell

Copyright: 2018

Language: English

Nyira and the Invisible Boy

Nyira, a seven-year-old healer, watched slave hunters burn her village and murder her father.

Hiding in the jungle, she befriends a young gorilla, named Gord. The slave hunters capture Gord, forcing Nyira to give up her freedom to save his life. She is transported by slave ship to Haiti.

Ten-year-old Enriquillo’s tribe has lived peacefully—hidden in the Haitian mountains—for over three hundred years. French soldiers still managed to kill their chief—Enriquillo’s father, and his best friend is murdered by a local planter. Now Enriquillo plots revenge. He meets Nyira on a day he sneaks into the town market, and discovers she is the dark princess prophesized as his future queen. But Nyira uses magic to save a friend’s life, and is charged as a witch and condemned to burn. Will Enriquillo risk his people’s secret existence to outwit the dangerous French troops and the determined archdeacon, to save his love?

Author Bio:

K.M. Harrell is the eldest of five siblings. Four girls and himself. They were and are a close-knit southern family. He spent his time playing with, protecting and sometimes totally harassing his charge of sisters. Trust me they have grown much much taller than he is now and have gotten him back (Just kidding! He is totally still the man!) Sorry. Anyway. He has written most of his life and even had a few things published in small magazines. This is his first novel. He can be reached at www.kmharrell.com @kmharrell2

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