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Author: Stormy Wellington

Paperback: 153 pages

Publisher: Abundant Press

Copyright: 2018

Language: English

9 Laws of Success: Attract Health, Love, Life & Success To Your Life

The book that will inspire Millions.

Stormy Wellington has always been a fighter, and after joining one of the most well-known network marketing companies in the industry, Stormy quickly made her way to the top. Earning over a million within the first year, Stormy built one of the largest organizations in the country.

But then a tragedy hit her life, and she spiraled into a depression that left her broken and broke. Stormy was at the very bottom when she began to study the principles, and laws, that helped her achieve success. Implementing these laws that had taken her to the top before, Stormy began applying them to her circumstances, and within months, she was not only back on top, but exceeding all of the goals that she'd set for her life personally, physically, and financially. Her new goal is to create 1000 millionaires, and she has already helped produce more than 10.

In this book, Stormy reveals The 9 Laws of Success that are her founding principles. Her mission is to share with others her personal journey, and these laws that have helped her achieve success in every area of her life. These principles can be applied to every facet of life and every career.

No matter where you are in your life, following the 9 Laws will help you achieve the success that you not only desire but that you deserve. Stormy is a renowned motivational speaker and wealth coach. Her story of hope and purpose will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired, knowing that by embracing your past, like her, you can step into the magnificence of your future! Visit: 9lawsofsuccess.com.

Learn how to transform your life and become financially independent. This book will help millions of readers and can do the same for you. Order your copy today and turn your life around!

Author Bio : 

In business as in life, Coach Stormy Wellington had humble beginnings and though she was born with a burning desire to succeed, she had yet to find the vehicle to take her to the heights she was destined to aspire. A genuine product from Miami, Florida. Coach Stormy has literally traveled the world helping thousands resonate inner peace and wealth. In her book, Stormy reveals The 9 laws of success that are her founding principles. Her mission is to share with others her personal journey, and these laws that have helped her achieve success in every area of her life. These principles can be applied to every facet of life and every career.

Incredible as it may seem but raise mostly by her brothers, family, and friends while her mother took care of her business in the streets, it didn’t seem like Stormy had any kind of path to success. And for a while, Stormy found herself caught up in the life of hustling and drug dealing, scheming and stripping. But even during that life, Stormy had a dream. Inside she knew she would rise above it all. She was determined never to be a product of that environment.

Stormy Wellington is a mark of distinction and extraordinaire of her time. Stormy’s upbringing taught her strength, resilience, and fight. In 2008, Wellington decided that failure was not an option. She decided to uproot her family and relocate to Atlanta, GA with only a $135.00 worth of loose change. Wellington realized starting over wouldn’t be easy. She ended up accepting a job that only paid $13 an hour and that is when the real struggle really began.

While working in the collections department, she managed to collect over $1 million dollars in closed accounts. Because of her accomplishments, the company offered her a raise. The day she realized her raise was only 25 cents was the day her life changed. Stormy found a calling in network marketing. One year later, Wellington managed to grow a team of over 130,000 distributors earning her over $1 million dollars in income. Her resilience, strength and fight quickly showed her that anybody can win.

Today, she is arguably the most powerful woman in direct sales. She’s hands-down one of the richest, so if you subscribe to the theory that money is power, Stormy Wellington is the queen of the network marketing jungle. A documented seven figure earner, she has shattered record upon record in the business since beginning her career in 2008. Coach Stormy rose to the top quickly in every company she has been a part of, and to this day holds some of their sales records.

One of the most in-demand business speakers in the world today, Stormy Wellington, has shared her hard-hitting, content-rich, and always entertaining presentations to enthusiastic audiences across North America and around the world. Coach Stormy shows business leaders and their teams how crafting and harnessing competitive advantages will help them win with customers and create an army of raving fans.

Coach Stormy’s business insights have been featured on many broadcast media outlets and online/print publications around the world. She is also the author of 3 books including the acclaimed: The Quiet Storm, The 9 Laws of Success. Visit her at StormyWellington.com

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