A musical about a young father struggling but determined to realize his dream to become a rap star while raising his son

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Producer/Director: Greg Alan Williams, Duran Butler / Shaun M. Mathis, Jemonique Miller, Justin Toulon

Cast: Duran Butler, Jahlil Muhammad, Michelle Shaay, Sierra Swann, Damian Holder

Rating: N/A

Genre: 2019

Runtime: 18:38 min

The Story Behind BLKMGC:

With a brother serving time in prison for murder and dreams permeating his brain; Duran has always wrestled with the thought of bringing a child into this world.  A world where his dreams of becoming a beloved rapper are shadowed by police brutality and injustice for men, women and children of color. This story and the accompanying music was birthed out of what he calls his worst fear; bringing a child into a world that does not value him and that he himself is not yet equipped to deal with its harsh realities.

Duran's brother left behind 4 children who must now grow up without the presence of their father. His brother's voice can be heard in a pre-recorded message at the beginning of the film saying, "I'm proud of you bruh...You know I got enough time for the whole family, so you definitely don't want to come in here." This message was taken from Duran's very first phone conversation with his incarcerated brother. A message of pride, hope, and concern that he hopes the World can understand.

Director Biography - Shaun M. Mathis, Jemonique Miller, Justin Toulon

Born to Damita Jo Mathis & Stewart Welch, Shaun was raised in Waterbury CT. After attending two different colleges, Shaun penned his first novel, This Hurts, which won him independent best-selling author in 2007 and came in at #89 on the Essence Best Seller list.

Shaun went on to pen 2 more successful novels before relocating to Atlanta from Philadelphia. In Atlanta, Shaun got his start in the movie industry by interning with Studio 11 Films, Eyeam Cinema, as well as Ralph Wilcox productions.  After doing stand in work on several motion pictures, Shaun created and released 2 award winning web series, Rich Brothers & Threesome.





The Hyperrealistic Art Of Child Prodigy Kareem Waris Olamilekan
At only 11 years old, Nigerian artist Kareem Waris Olamilekan is on his way to becoming one of the greats.

Kareem Waris Olamilekan, an 11-year-old artist based in Lagos, is receiving global recognition due to his phenomenal artwork. Describing his style as hyperrealistic, Olamilekan began drawing at the tender age of six. By eight years old, he became a professional, making him the youngest professional artist in Nigeria.

To succeed at hyperrealism, extreme patience is required. While drawing, Olamilekan precisely captures even the most minuscule details in order to bring his works to life. “I try to focus on it to get the detail in the picture and in the artwork too,” he told DD News, adding that those who lack patience will not achieve hyperrealism.

Olamilekan’s typical subject matter includes drawing from everyday life in Lagos, his personal experiences, and family. However, similar to all great artists, his work has a more profound meaning than what initially meets the eye. Take “Daily Bread,” for example. “The inspiration behind it is that something going on around me, especially my family,” Olamilekan explains. “The sweat on it symbolizes hard work and struggling. And the spoon symbolizes food. Everybody in my society has little now, or my streets, they struggle, struggle, they sweat for their eats.”

The child prodigy began receiving worldwide attention after recently meeting with the French president, Emmaneul Macron, who was deeply moved by his work. At only 11 years old, this is only the beginning of Olamilekan’s accomplishments. His art teacher, Adeniyi Adewole, believes that he is one of the most gifted of his students, saying, “He can go far, farther than even beyond our expectations because I believe with what he has been doing, he’s going somewhere greater.”READ MORE........