About Jaro

Welcome to JARO.  We are building an online streaming destination and experience that is so much more than watching movies and TV.   Taking its name from Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain peak on the African continent,  JARO is a world of curated black digital content that combines insightful editorials with video, art, books, and music.  We invite you to Connect, Discover, and Contribute!!!


JARO Media Services provides on-demand streaming access to a world of curated African American and Afrocentric digital media including video, visual art, books, and music!  Our unique service combines innovative digital streaming technologies, social media engagement, and informative editorials with curated media libraries that blend classic, popular, emerging, and independent content into the JARO platform.  At JARO, we are committed to building easy and fun access to a world-class collection of engaging content that entertains, informs, and educates our customers.  We will take advantage of the expanding scope and scale of broadband Internet access to construct a bazaar-like ecosystem that creates value for global customers, content creators, and advertisers alike.


The future of digital entertainment is trending towards streaming media, social interaction, customer control, and mobile access. JARO fuses these trends into an innovative service offering targeting an under served market. JARO integrates social media interaction, engaging narratives, state-of-the-art content streaming capabilities, and sophisticated analytics to create a user experience that includes access to video, audio books, digital photography/art, and music.  Multimode content consumption will improve customer retention and allow us to derive analytics that give advertisers and content creators an advantage for growing their businesses and monetizing content, respectively.  The JARO platform offers our online community a network where they can discover, enjoy, and share culturally relevant stories and a world of family friendly digital content that entertains and empowers.  The JARO business model features a hybrid revenue strategy with both advertising and subscription, and supports an egalitarian revenue-sharing structure for all content providers.