“Bring the Pain”

“Bring the Pain” became a series of boxing imagery by the artist Dubelyoo. This piece, predominantly black and white, is more of a graphic arts work.

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Title: “Bring the Pain”

Artist: Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright

Medium: Painting

Dubelyoo has created an entire body of work under the “Bring the Pain” theme. This piece shows a young female boxer with taped hands. She is staring the viewer down. The background is a wash of red but instead of Dubelyoos’ trademark hummingbird, this piece features a massive bee—that looks like it’s truly ready to “bring the pain.”

Artist Biography

Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright is a dynamic visual artist, pioneer and advocate with intrinsic abilities, giving rise to his illustrious career. This prominent Atlanta-based artist has been promoting urban art and culture through paintings, illustrations and murals for the past decade. Dubelyoo’s ability to conjure his imaginative complexes forms a natural connection with fine art enthusiasts and propelled him to commercial success. He is known for empowering artists through personal workshops, panel, appearances and his work as a curator. Creating iconic installations, painting signature acrylic works of art, or drawing in his legendary sketchbook, Dubelyoo believes “If it isn’t real, they can’t feel it.” While his design and aesthetic captures viewers initially, it is his authenticity that captivates them emotionally. Whether he is referencing images, watching videos or partaking in physical activities, Dubelyoo delves deep into the world of the chosen subject, ultimately manifesting its essential beauty through his artistic expressions.

Dubelyoo is also the curator and co-founder of Art, Beats + Lyrics, one of the largest traveling urban art exhibitions in the USA.  As a curator, some of his duties involve designing and art directing mural installations from artists around the nation.


Artist CV

BORN: 1976 Brooklyn, New York

EDUCATION: 1999 BFA Communication Arts, East Carolina University

2017 Atlanta Hawks (Live Painting)
2017 Champs Sporting Goods (Mural)
2017 Atlanta United FC (Mural)
2015 Atlanta Mission (Mural)
2015 Forward Warrior (Mural)
2014 Atlanta Hawks (Mural)
2013 JWT (Interactive Design and Illustration)
2013 Guinness (Mural)
2011 Georgia Power (Mural)
2010 Copyright Criminals (Documentary)
2009 Rebel Scum (Documentary)
2008 RedBull Emcee Battle (Event)

Champs Sporting Goods, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta United FC, Microsoft, Nike, Converse, Guinness, Burton Snowboards, Pepsi, Apple, Jack Daniels, Converse and Universoul Circus

2017 – 2008 Art Beats + Lyrics Traveling Arts Exhibitions (Creative Director)
New York, Chicago, Louisville, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Houston, Dallas, St Louis, Miami and Los Angeles

2015 – 2013 Art Whino. Washington, D.C.
2013 – 2012 Art For The Cure. Los Angeles, CA
2013 – 2012 La Carnita Uno. Toronto ON
2013 Herradura Art Of The Barrel. Atlanta, GA
2012 La Carnita Uno. Toronto ON
2011 Multiversal. Miami, FL
2010 Savannah Urban Arts Festival. Savannah, GA
2010 Manifesto Art Festival. Toronto ON

2017 General Assembly. Atlanta, GA
2016 General Assembly. Atlanta, GA
2015 General Assembly. Atlanta, GA
2015 Art Institute. Sandy Springs, GA
2014 Apache Cafe Artist Talk Series. Atlanta, GA
2012 Creative Call. Stockholm, Sweden
2012 A3C Hip Hop Festival. Atlanta, GA
2012 East Carolina University. Greenville, NC
2012 Pitt Community College. Greenville, NC

2017 Talk of Alabama. ABC 33/40 (Birmingham)
2016 Morning Show. NBC (Houston)
2016 Morning Show. FOX (Houston)
2016 Great Day Saint Louis. KMOV CBS (St. Louis)
2016 Talk of Alabama. ABC 33/40 (Birmingham)
2014 Talk of Alabama. ABC 33/40 (Birmingham)
2012 Morning Show. WUSA 9 (Washington DC)
2011 Better Mornings Atlanta. CBS (Atlanta)
2011 Morning Show. FOX 8 (New Orleans)
2010 Good Day Atlanta. FOX 5 (Atlanta)
2010 News in the Morning. FOX 2 (St Louis)
2010 Morning Show. FOX 2 (St Louis)
2010 Good Day Atlanta. FOX 5 (Atlanta)







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NOMA Presents: “Lina Iris Viktor: A Haven. A Hell. A Dream Deferred.”
Lina Iris Viktor's first major museum exhibit will be on display at NOMA from October 5th through January 6th.


The phenomenal and thriving artist Lina Iris Viktor will present her first major museum exhibit at The New Orleans Museum of Art, opening this fall. Titled Lina Iris Viktor: A Haven. A Hell. A Dream Deferred, the installation will be on display from October 5th, 2018 through January 6th, 2019.

A Haven. A Hell. A Dream Deferred will feature an entirely new body of work created by Viktor that investigates the narratives surrounding America’s involvement in the founding of Liberia. Throughout the exhibit, the artist reimagines the rich history of Liberia’s colonial past. “Liberia appears in Viktor’s re-imagining as a kind of paradise lost, and as a cautionary tale,” said Allison Young, an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow of Contemporary Art. “At the same time, her work transcends this narrative, revealing how examples of visual culture—from Dutch Wax fabrics to national emblems to gestures in the history of portraiture—exist as remnants of these colonial histories.”

Based in New York, the British-Liberian artist is highly known for her luxurious large-scale paintings and installations that are adorned with gold and include references to both modern and traditional West African culture.

“NOMA is pleased to present Lina Iris Viktor’s exhibition, and to foreground a lesser-known history of which the American South was a part,” said Susan Taylor, NOMA’s Montine McDaniel Freeman Director. “In this series, Viktor offers her unique perspective on a complex and multifaceted history.”

Programs related to the exhibition feature conversations led by Lina Iris Viktor and Allison Young, a film series, and a special talk with Viktor and curator Renée Mussai. For more information, please visit NOMA READ MORE........