Why Work with JARO?

We think JARO might be just the place for you to share your work with the world. Here are six reasons why: 1. We will share our success - Artistic content creators should be paid for their work, talent, and skill. We are breaking new ground with a hybrid content acquisition model that supports both traditional upfront licensing and back end revenue sharing royalties. Our royalty payments are distributed from a pool that is based on a percentage of our revenues. These payments are distributed regularly based on the relative popularity of your content. 2. We invest in marketing - We will build our audience by investing in marketing best practices that include a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporates state-of-the-art SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and social media techniques. If you sign up for royalty payments, any work you put towards promoting your content can turn into more money in your pocket since we pay you in proportion to the relative popularity of your content with the JARO audience. 3. We will build a global audience - After a domestic launch, our JARO platform will quickly expand to reach a global audience. We will have the ability to block geographic areas. If you have a need to restrict access in a specific country, we can do that for you. 4. We are non-exclusive - If you are a royalty fee content creator, you're always free to explore additional outlets for your content. 5. We get you - Our Chief Content Officer is an award-winning independent filmmaker and entrepreneur. As a founder and leader in the company, he brings the artist perspective to everything we do. He knows just how hard it is to finance and create a quality film then find a distribution deal that makes all the work pay off. JARO is committed to creating Win, Win, Win opportunities for our Content Creators, Advertisers, and Audience. 6. We offer more opportunities to monetize your work - In addition to our royalty payment plan, we will provide content creators with options to: • charge premiums for streaming access to their work • limit access by time and quantity (think limited showings and numbered copies) • sell their work directly through a click-to-buy capability.

How will JARO drive traffic to their site?

We will market JARO using all available digital assets such as clips, trailers, stills, and reviews as well as radio and Internet advertising, print, outdoor, and social media campaigns. We also expect you to help in the effort to drive traffic to the site - building an audience is essential.

How do content creators make money with JARO?

The specifics may vary depending on the content type (video, art, books, music) but over time, our general strategy is to provide four options for monetization: 1) the opportunity to participate in revenue sharing based on subscription and or advertising revenues and the popularity of your content, 2) the ability to earn income from pay per use charges (e.g. Pay Per View), 3) the ability to charge additional premiums above and beyond JARO’s pricing structure, and 4) the opportunity for direct sales via a click-to-buy e-commerce capability.

What kind of reports are available to me?

The beta version of the platform will support regular usage reporting in the form of regular reports emailed to creators on a bi-weekly basis. In release two of the JARO platform, we will provide secure online access to a graphical dashboard showing peg count reports of utilization by content title.

Do I give up any ownership rights to be on your site?

No way. Your terms with JARO are non-exclusive so you’re always free to explore other outlets for distribution.

How do I submit content for consideration?

Each piece of content on our site goes through a submission and acceptance process. In the submission process, we screen your content from an online source. Once we have received your submission and screened your content through our internal curators, we will contact you for details of the acceptance step which will include technical specifications for formatting your digital assets.

How does JARO protect my Intellectual Property?

While no IP protection methods are 100% guaranteed, the on-demand streaming industry’s support for popular films sets the gold standard for the protection of video intellectual property. The JARO platform leverages these same industry standard technologies and protocols for the end-to-end protection of our video partner’s Intellectual Property including: secure ingest and storage, encrypted transmission, and (DRM) Digital Rights Management for access control at the display device. Our approach to protecting the Intellectual Property of our JARO Art partners is modeled after this approach while using existing IETF and or W3C standard protocols for Internet security and digital encryption. In addition, our approach to displaying art images never exposes HD/4K resolution images to intelligent devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers with screen capture capabilities. We limit the display of high resolution images to HD/4K television screens or media players (i.e Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, etc.).

What kind of content are you looking for?

Our goal is to build a dynamic content library that appeals to a broad demographic comprised of people who appreciate the artistic expressions that stem from the African diaspora. We value, honor, and respect contributions from emerging artists as well as those from more recognized and established creators who continue to inspire multiple generations. Our initial focus is on video (film, series, and shorts) and visual art (digital art, photography, paintings, prints, etc.).

Will my content have to be exclusive to JARO?

No, JARO’s licensing terms are non-exclusive and we offer flexible terms.

Can I submit content if it already lives on another digital platform?

Yes. We don’t prohibit you from monetizing and marketing your content on other digital platforms.

What’s the compensation and payment structure?

Please contact the JARO team directly for this detailed information.

How will my content be promoted?

JARO has a unique menu of promotional opportunities including onsite editorial integration, social media promotion, sponsorship opportunities and traditional print promotion in the trades and online.

What devices can I use to access JARO?

Release one of the JARO platform will focus on browser access, compatible Internet connected TVs, and at least one media player. We plan to support four browsers – Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. We will announce our media player as we get closer to our target launch date. How can I watch JARO on my TV? To watch JARO video content on your TV you can 1) access JARO directly from a Smart TV equipped with a compatible browser, 2) cast video content from a smart device to your WIFI connected TV or media player, or 3) access JARO videos via our selected media player partner.

Will making my art work available on JARO Art cannibalize my retail/commercial sales or diminish appreciation of the value of my work?

JARO Art is a new distribution and consumption model for visual art. Like any new sales channel there is the potential for some degree of cannibalization of existing channels and approaches. However, we believe these risks are small, easily managed, and offset by the potential upside of efficient exposure to a substantially larger audience as the JARO Art subscriber base grows. JARO Art is a unique new experience that will scale the discovery, enjoyment, and distribution of artistic works. We expect it will stimulate and enhance rather than diminish the desire for consumers to purchase and own art work. Moreover, the JARO Art service will support multiple pricing options and strategies that provide artists with the controls to introduce pricing premiums and maximize returns from their works on the platform.

What is streaming Art?

JARO Art combines your flatscreen 4K/HDTV with broadband access and transforms them into online galleries with that bring a dynamic world of beauty into any environment. JARO Art is perfect for creating a desired ambiance while relaxing at home, working at the office, or even entertaining. The JARO Art service on-demand access to visual art and photography for display on web-enabled devices including Smart TVs (HD/4K), Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones. Streaming services are a convenient and affordable way to enjoy music, TV shows, and films. We are making it just as convenient and affordable to discover and enjoy the visual art and photography you love. JARO Art lets you have fun and learn about the artists and their works. You can engage with the JARO audience and artists through social media posts, shares, comments, and ratings. You select the titles you would like to view from our expanding curated library and build your own personal gallery that you can change at any time. JARO Art comprises a curated library of artistic digital images spanning a variety of mediums including paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, pottery,and digital art which is created entirely within the digital domain. You can even upload some of your own imagess to your personal JARO gallery. Our art library is organized by title, medium, descriptive tags, and artist names so you can easily discover the pieces you love. Browse, select, and display visual art on-demand from our library. View your JARO Art anywhere anytime. Your JARO Art travels with you wherever you have broadband access – your home, office, or while traveling for work or pleasure.

How do I set up the JARO Art-Lite screensaver on Roku?

Paste this URL into your browser for detailed instructions - www.watchjaro.com

How do I make the JARO Art screensaver run on Roku?

After you download the JARO Screensaver app on Roku, go to the Roku top menu and select Settings/Screensaver. Select Change Screensaver to make the JARO Art Screensaver your active screensaver. Select Set Wait Time to decide how long your screen needs to be idle before the screensaver launches. That's all there is to it. Enjoy!